33 Things I know about myself (Day 233/365)

Published April 25, 2014 by signeda

Things that I know:

1. Actions speak louder than words
2. Physical touch is my love language and I get 0% of it most days
3. I have a summer 2014 must do list: zoo, ha ha tonka, dogwood canyon, little Grand Canyon, crystal bridges
4. The screened in porch at Bass Pro with the wicker rocking chairs is my new favorite place to go and “dream” or do “nothingness”
5. I think I have Meralgia Paresthetica
6. It’s hard to apply for jobs on an iPhone.
7. Wearing my retainers makes me feel youthful.
8. Quality time is my second love language and I get 0% of it most days.
9. Jesus loved me first.
10. 80s Country is the best
11. I want my future husband to call me Dear. “Hello, Dear.”
12. Silence isn’t overrated
13. Sonic deluxe Jr Cheesburgers are extra yummy.
14. Always ask for easy ice at Sonic
15. On a future trip across the United States I will start on the upper East Coast.
16. I always think of Colorado as the coast. Sorry Utah, Nevada, and California.
17. Acts of service are my third love language and I get 0% of it most days.
18. No matter how much I love and nurture something, if it isn’t mine, it isn’t mine.
19. I can now say I’m sorry/admit when I’m wrong.
20. The pink curtain in my bedroom is comforting.
21. Cinderella is one of my role models
22. I hate for people to notice my “poor” eating habits.
23. I’m making a new agreement that “suddenly” is only for good surprises.
25. Words of Affirmation and Receiving gifts are tied for my 4th and 5th love language, I get 0% of these on most days.
26. God is where it’s at.
27. Fear is faith… In wrong direction
28. Seriously, still only 10k prize money, America’s Funniest Video?
29. I want more physical touch in my life. What’s that old saying…? 7 hugs a day…?
30. If 30 is the end of life, everyone at 20 only has 10 years left.
31. Grateful for hearing I love you from a couple of my friends…and having times when my love languages are being met.
32. Gratitude!
33. Odd numbers are okay.


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